Imagine yourself on a yacht, enjoying a phenomenal time with the best private companion who caters to your every need, creating a magical evening full of fun, relaxation, and pure indulgent ecstasy. Hi, I am Annabella LeRoux and I would like to welcome you to my world; the place where time seems to stand still while every desire is welcomed and fulfilled.

Who am I?

Beautiful, playful, passionate, sophisticated, hedonistic… my name is Annabella LeRoux and I desire nothing more than taking you to a level of ecstasy and pleasure that you have only ever experienced in your dreams.  As a private companion, my beauty, charm, grace, and finesse will enhance your time with me, complement your lifestyle and personality, and ensure an unforgettable experience.

What do I do?

Disparate to common beliefs and practices, I choose to integrate my passion into my career, becoming a professional elite companion. My life’s passion, dedication and source of pleasure revolve around my desire to cater to your needs and help you enjoy a gratifying, relaxing, magical, and sensational time full of thrilling exuberance.

The Annabella Difference

When your eyes first gaze upon me, you will love just how simple yet sexy I look.  Within the first few words that we exchange, you will discover how refreshing it is to be with someone as open, caring, and genuine as myself. Imagine…an incredibly sexy woman who can hold your attention both physically and mentally.  Moreover, during our interactions, you will experience a level of naturalistic comfort that only I can provide. During your time with me, you will feel as if your troubles have drifted away and a phenomenal feeling of bliss will engulf your every sense.

Regardless of your desire for a simple friend, passionate lover, or a confidant, rest assured that nobody provides what I do – unforgettable moments that you crave to experience again and again. I aid in your escape from reality by becoming what you want me to be. When you are with me, I accentuate your finer elements, materialize your dreams, and help you relive your fantasies. Stress disappears and is replaced by pure pleasure and indulgent fun.

If you would like to know more about me, or would like to experience the Annabella Difference, I encourage you to contact me.