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Where are you located?
I am based in the wonderful city of Raleigh, NC. I also travel extensively, so check to see if I will be in your area soon.
Are your rates negotiable?
My rates are non-negotiable. Time spent with me is a luxury.
Can I get an appointment today?
I am a very busy bee, and unfortunately cannot entertain same-day appointment requests. When requesting an appointment, please allow at least 24-48 hours for screening and scheduling.
Is screening mandatory?
For my comfort and safety, pre-screening is absolutely necessary. I understand the amount of trust that is given to me with your information, and I hold your information with the utmost care and security. I am extremely discreet, and respect your privacy and boundaries.
What is Donation Etiquette?
When we initially meet, let's take care of business, so we can have fun :) If we are meeting in public, please place your donation/gift in a card, unsealed envelope, or gift bag. If we are not in public, please place it in an unsealed, unmarked envelope in the bathroom. I will then excuse myself to freshen up. Please do not hand me the envelope, or discuss it, as this will result in our time ending :(
Do you accept gifts/gratuity?
Absolutely! I always appreciate being appreciated, whether it is a larger donation, a bottle of wine, a day at the spa, or something new to slip into.